Dr. Walker Sets the Stage for Change and Opens the Dialogue with Delawareans

In the article, Dr. Walker appeals to us, writing, “Think about the last time you looked at your explanation of benefits for care that you or a family member received. A growing number of us are paying a larger percentage of our health care costs directly out of our pockets, leaving all of us worried when we see rising bills for medications, doctor visits, common procedures, or hospitalizations.” The op-ed is just one of the many strategies employed to bring the issue of the rising cost of health care front and center in Delawareans’ minds. One of the more compelling arguments for understanding costs in the Secretary Walker’s article is this: “One Delawarean, who spent less than 24 hours in the emergency department and a patient room at a Delaware hospital for a routine procedure, received a bill with a total charge of more than $48,000. That’s the equivalent of four years of in-state tuition at the University of Delaware.” Secretary Walker also covers the meaning of value-based care and explains how the movement toward this approach will benefit all of us.

Read Secretary Walker’s op-ed article in its entirety.